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Sports massage dates all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman times. During this earlier period of history, massage and exercise were combined in all athletes training to improve performance and prevent injury.

First used in the Olympics in 776 BC, Sports massage was commonly administered to athletes but was not formalized until the 1960’s by the Soviet Union and Communist bloc countries. It was not until the 1970’s that Sports massage made it’s way to the United States. As more athletes have realized it’s benefits, Sports massage has now become common place for competitive high school, college, amateur and professional athletes who want to improve their performance, prevent injury, and speed the body’s healing process.  


Restorative Sports Massage

Designed to help athletes train at a higher level of intensity, more consistently, and with less chance of injury, Restorative Sports massage targets areas of dysfunction to increase muscle response and flexibility and relieve spasms and imbalanced tension before it becomes an injury. Generally performed once a week, our Restorative Sports massage has helped Olympic athletes and professional Triathlete, NBA, and LPGA athletes improve their performance and train harder and longer. If you are a serious athlete wanting the same results, call today to find out how we can help.


Rehabilitative Sports Massage

The focus of Rehabilitative Sports massage is to restore tissue after it has been injured. Depending on the stage of recovery, strategic massage techniques are applied to reduce inflammation and pain, restore range of motion, and ensure strong and mobile scar tissue. Rehabilitative Sports massage is a must for any injured athlete as it helps them recovery more quickly and returns them to training with less of chance of re-injury.


Event Massage

Performed on-site right before and/or after an event, this type of sports massage is geared towards warming up muscle tissue, getting it prepared for competition, and removing metabolic waste and muscle tension afterwards, speeding the body’s recovery from all out exertion. The massage generally lasts 15-30 minutes and is performed over clothing, targeting specific muscles used for each individual sport.    


Benefits of Sports Massage

At Sporting Events:

Increases blood supply to specific muscle groups 

Warms and loosens muscles

Increases joint movement

Clears out metabolic waste

Normalizes the tissues after competition

Can reduce recuperation time after muscle fatigue by as much as 50%  


Throughout the Year:

Allows for more efficient oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles

Improves range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved efficiency, power and performance

Relieves areas that carry a high risk of injury

Makes muscle contractions and relaxation more efficient

Assists in the elimination of metabolic by-products of exercise, resulting in less discomfort after hard workouts

Allows an athlete to reach peak performance sooner and sustain it longer   


After an Injury:

Shortens the time it takes for an injury to heal

Reduces swelling, pain and spasms from a trauma

Helps form strong and pliable scar tissue

Lowers the chance of re-injury

Eliminates splinting in associated muscle tissue