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Massage Therapy is slowly gaining acceptance as an alternative treatment in hospitals, clinics, and treatment centers for pain and dysfunction. Massage has shown to decrease rehabilitation time, amount of pain medicine needed, and length of stay in hospitals, which saves provider's money and improves their bottom line. We are proud to provide experienced, clinical massage therapists to perform treatments on-site and in collaboration with health care teams to improve patient recovery and treatment results.



Injury Massage uses specific techniques to bring blood to the injured area, keep scar tissue pliable, restore range-of-motion, and decrease pain, allowing the patient to recover fully and more efficiently.



Prenatal Massage has been used in hospitals and clinics to decrease blood pressure in gestational hypertension patients, decrease nausea associated with hyperemesis gravidarum, and decrease swelling, headaches and back pain. Massage has also been clinically proven to improve post-partum depression. Your patients will not only benefit from the therapeutic benefits of Prenatal Massage, but will enjoy the comforting, and calming touch, creating an overall positive impression of their treatments and your clinic.



Medical Massage focuses on improving symptoms associated with diagnosed medical conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's Disease. We work in collaboration with physicians and therapists to create the best, most comprehensive treatment program for each patient. Using the latest techniques and specific treatment protocols developed, our Medical Massage will complement your patient's current treatments, improving results and patient satisfaction.



Perfect for patients healing from an injury, surgery, and/or coping with a medical condition, Lymph Drainage Massage boosts the immune system and helps the body remove inflammation, acute or chronic. It also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, leaving the patient feeling relaxed and better able to cope with the associated stress. Lymph Drainage Massage helps the patient heal quicker and minimizes symptoms, improving patient care for you and your facility.



Spectrum Rehabilitation:

Spectrum Rehabilitation is the leader in orthopedic, hand and sports therapy and has three convenient locations to serve the needs of our patients. Their professional staff of experts evaluates and implements treatment programs that facilitate early return to function and everyday life.   Our Mission: "Our mission is to provide the highest quality, accessible care to our patients while pledging to sound cost containment, utilization and outcomes that are unmatched in the community. We are proud of the care with which we deliver and look to our community for their kind referrals."   --David Gerstel, MPT Owner Spectrum Rehabilitation

Visit http://spectrumrehab.net/ to learn more.    


Genesis MedSpa:

Whether you are looking to improve acneic skin, get rid of unwanted hair or turn back the time of aging skin, Genesis MedSpa can help. Enter into their relaxing and soothing environment and allow their professional skin-care specialists to formulate a plan just for you. During the complimentary consultation, they will use their computerized VISIA to analyze your skin, allowing them to focus on what concerns you while working within your budget to maximize improvement of your skin's issues.

Visit http://www.genesis-medspa.com/ to learn more.