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Unlimited Bodywork are exceptional massage therapists. I trust them with my own and my wife's care. They are highly educated and experienced in their craft. I hear it time and time again in my office that they are the best massage therapists my clients have ever had. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Ben Sabo, Sabo Chiropractic


Amazing!  My massage with Cody was great. He was very nice and professional. Thank you!  Laney P., Teacher


I have to say that they have been a godsend. ..If you have pain that conventional "wisdom" has failed to relieve, or you prefer to avoid all the side effects of pain relieving drugs, you should really give Unlimited Bodywork a try. Once you notice that your pain is gone, you will feel as I do and strongly recommend their therapy.    Charlie Berg Retired Tank Commander  


Unlimited Bodywork is a must for any athlete training at an elite level. The massages helped me recover within a day and helped me prepare to be able to train at 100% everyday.  They were very helpful in my training for the next level in my soccer career. I would recommend Unlimited Bodywork to any and every athlete as well as anyone with a muscle need.    -ESG  


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 13 years ago. None of the medications I have taken, nor any of the treatments I have undergone, can compare to the positive effects I have received from my therapeutic massages with Unlimited Bodywork. I say this, in spite of the remarkable improvements made in MS medication in recent years. I have seen dramatic improvement in my ability to walk, and in my overall sense of being, since I started working with Unlimited Bodywork. I received massages long before starting with them, and while they had been helpful, the Massage Therapy they have provided has resulted in spectacular results. I have seen dramatic improvement in my symptoms since I started with them. My only wish is that I would have started with them at the time I was diagnosed, as I strongly believe I would not have declined as much as I did.    -ML  


I have had upper and lower back pain for 12-15 years. During this time I had been taking prescription drugs for the pain. Also during these years I have tried several different massage therapists to help alleviate the pain, to no great avail… then I went to see Unlimited Bodywork. Even after the very first massage therapy session I felt a great deal better. With the maintenance program we have set up, I am now prescription free and 80-95% pain free. I have found the magic hands in my life for pain with Unlimited Bodywork. Very, very, grateful.    -Dennis O. Clark, Vietnam Veteran  


Unlimited Bodywork has helped me in my recovery following surgery. They not only eased the stiffness in the muscles, but gave me suggestions for exercises to help the affected area. When I experienced an unexpected bout of back pain between sessions they also assisted me with a much quicker recovery in that area. I found Unlimited Bodywork to be the most knowledgable massage therapists I have worked with. In addition to the increased body comfort from the massage sessions, I also came away more knowledgable about the body and how our muscles are connected. While some Massage Therapists only focus on the pain of the moment, Unlimited Bodywork takes a long term approach to wellness by educating as well.    -AR Training & Curriculum Specialist, NAF  


I have had varying degrees of chronic back pain for over a year. Although conscious of posture, stretching, and icing, I have gotten little relief. Over the past 3 months, I committed to regularly scheduled massages with Unlimited Bodywork, and have felt definite improvement. With regular visits, they have been able to pinpoint my problem areas and make more progress. A massage every 3 months is nice, but there is no benefit for me spaced that far apart. I plan to continue with them, along with being kind to my body, in hopes that the pain diminishes entirely.    -J.E. Pilates Instructor  


Wow! What a relief! My burning mid-back pain is gone and my posture has dramatically improved. Unlimited Bodywork's skill and caring have made all the difference. Take advantage now.    -Jack Rand Strategic Business Coach